We started the journey by crossing the hanging bridge over the river connecting the barangay to Mt. Hapunang Banoi. My original plan was, for us to take the twin hike of mt.pamitanan and Mt. Binacayan for we all know that mt.binacayan is one of the smallest mountain in the area and a perfect combination with the highest one which is mt.pamitinan. Unfortunately, while doing my thing in the comfort room inside the brgy., my friends decided to take the two highest mountain on the area, wala na akong magawa kasi they look so excited so nagpangap nalang akong super excited din haha! But deep inside. You guys! If you are reading this right now, I hope you guys are satisfied after you have witness all my struggle in this. The problem with this kind of friendship (me, always accompanied by boys), was that they didn’t see me as a lady but they thought that I was one of them, feeling nila lalaki din ako and they never treated me as a very fine lady haha at ayoko din naman na mangyare yon!.

Hanging Bridge over the Wawa river
The Architects
Sun of LIfe

I was very excited knowing that after this two mountain, I will go home with another achievement in life. Little did i know it was too early to celebrate as I saw the stair with a three thousand steps going up of Mt. Hapunang banoi!!! Honestly we never counted the step naman, Arch. Albert repeatedly saying the word “3 thousand steps” to brag me kasi yon talaga yung kasiyahan nila yung Makita akong naaasar, so ako naman nagpaasar sobrang pinanghinaan ng loob while seeing them taking the steps with smiling face! And it really looks like a 3 thousand step. Really?with this initial part. It was too early to quit but I have no more energy to take any further, I was too disappointed, I was expecting a liitle bit of myself knowing that I already finished a 4/9 mt.daraitan two weeks ago. I was out of shape. Good thing, too many mountaineers are on our front, so whenever there are groups who happened to rest, syempre magpapahinga din kami, we never passed by any group ahead of us, so we took that rest an opportunity to set my mind and rest in a bit. The thing that I will never forget in this twin hike is the connection between us and other mountaineers,  they literally be with you along the way. May times nga na talang na block out ako, and me vomiting as my body felt really bad – and the one who help me is from another group who gave me the first aid. I need to get better for my friends, if I quit, I know that I will definitely regret it. I didn’t quit.

The rocky part
the two boys were very happy while watching me
Albert with his Super Pose
huge rocks!!!
Drewpan with his climbing skills
the rest stop
the mountaineers

While on the process of feeling better, we made it on the resting place where most of the climber is chatting. It helps me get better, seeing someone na kagaya ko din na nahihirapan. Realizing that I am not alone in this, thankyou sa buko juice na gawa sa asukal na tinunaw at nilagyan ng buko para maging buko juice tapos sobrang lamig pa! kung sa mt. daraitan ay my water falls of life, dito naman ay buko juice of life- credits kay ate na nagtitinda at ang kauna unahang tao na nakagawa ng buko juice na nakakabalik ng buhay, kidding aside talaga namang Malaki ang naitulong neto saakin. Plus the bread of life ni Arch. Albert na soon to be with amag na. The first half wasn’t really bad compare to the bloody muddy trail at Mt. Daraitan.

my Favorite part of the mountain! 🙂
rock plus bamboo..
Jeje with his buwis buhay pose on the cliff
hindi ko kaya ang buwis buhay, so tagilid pose lang
Albert and Rolando sa 60 degrees rock climbing
initial part of the climb
boys with brownie
view of other mountains
huge coral like rocks
Mt. binacayan at the back

Second half as the fun-niest part.

Unlike the first part of the mountain, the second part was a little bit confusing- it was not hard but never an easy one. Trail became steeper, it is basically more of limestone with pointed coral like huge rocks.  This part is challenging with a 90 degrees rock climbing (having hand gloves is a good idea). My group became more cautious because of the dangerous rock climbing. The funny part here is that huge rock is a totally taller and bigger than me. It was hard for me to find the right portion of the rock for me to step in so I asked our guide for help and to do his work which is to help me with this. Nakakatawa talaga haha! He always point an area for me to move forward but I find it very impossible. Kuya naman! Mas mataas pa sa ulo ko yung gusto mong apakan ko? so paano? Tatalon ako? Haha! Although I was a little bit struggling in this part, it made me proud of myself because I didn’t expect that a beginner like me will be able to manage it.

trying to do the buwis buhay pose on the rock
the epic pose


view of mt. pamitinan


the spikes
trying hard
wee! 90 degrees rock climbing!

The summit of mt. hapunang banoi is an anarchic rock formation with a minimal flat surface but with pointed with sharp edges limestone which made it a breathtaking one. It has a very interesting sight and views of sierra madre and rizal province. The huge limestone at the summit is a very different from others, pointed and sharp characteristic made it difficult for us to climb and stay at the top plus the strong wind that will move you and shaken your feet. We took up more than a minute sitting on the top of the rocks watching the beauty of nature. Breathing the fresh air letting us feel the joy that we shared to each other.


Mt. hapunang banoi and Mt. pamitinan shared a common trail and junction making us to take the same route that we took to the summit. If I had a choice I wouldn’t go down to that same route, imagine the 90 degrees rock climbing converted to 90 degrees going down. It is harder going down with the view of the cliff in your side. I can’t describe how kuya guide just simply step down every rock with his jumping techniques without losing his life. Thank you to Arch. Rolando (we call him DREWpan as in Drew arrelano) haha!. He wanted me to mention him in my blog, so hi! Thankyou for guiding me every step of the way going down to the dangerous rock formation to our descend and making this possible for me to make it to the junction with my precious life that are still with me.

My limit..

After our first mountain, we ate our malapit ng mapanis na tapsilog lunch at the junction and took up a 30 minutes rest before climbing the mountain of pamitinan. There is a sari sari store at the junction and carinderia. Before heading back to trekking, we first take halo-halo to feel refresh and be ready to the heat of the sun. Okay naman sya, dahil libre lang sya ni arch. Rolando kaylangan kong sabihin na masarap ito. Masarap naman talaga kasi malamig, kahit hindi ko nalasahan ung gatas. Nasarapan ako dun sa dalawang sago, tapos my isang saging at may tag isang gulaman at kamote. Sulit ang 30 pesos mo, kasi you will be ready to take up another mountain dahil sa pagtikim mo nito at paghigop ng napakalamig na tubig nito na pinatakan ng gatas.

Although I already felt tired that time, I manage to continue and proceed to our next mountain. Have you already know your limits? That time while resting, there’s a thought inside my head. “I think I am already at my limit.” Parang ayoko na ituloy yung susunod na mountain. Conquering Mt. Hapunang Banoi is enough, and I have nothing to prove. Meron pa namang next time para akyating ang Mt. Pamitinan. But if I quit, and thinking that im already at my limit will make me so weak. I really wanted to exceed that limit, not to impress others, but because I wanted to give myself the reward that is waiting for me to the second summit. I didn’t accept that limit and challenge myself.

Faith moves mountain, and faith moves me on the second mountain. Laughing and singing while climbing the pamitinan made me go through this. Luckily, I had this 3 architects who cheers me and always have their helping hands to guide me through this challenging route. Mt. pamitinan shared common features of Mt. Hapunang Banoi with their limestone and the buwis buhay 90 degress wall climbing. If I didn’t risk going far, I will never find out how far I can go. Shout out to my companion the three great architects Arch. Rolando, Arch. Jerome, Arch. Albert who never leave me. It was fun having you in my first three mountains. It will be different if it wasn’t you being with me in this kind of adventures.


behind the scene
mt. pamitinan summit!




the nginig pose!
caption this!


Architect Jerome Gacita

To Jerome Gacita – Thank you for taking good photo of us. And letting me use it my blog. Kahit na hindi ka umabot sa commitment mo, i know that you know how I struggle just to meet our time for you to be able to catch up with your commitment. I had so much fun! thanks!

Architect Rolando “DREWpan”

To Rolando Doropan – A very big thank you for helping me climbing the rocks and for providing us a good playlist and good choice of song to sing while we are walking and climbing. Sana last na yung pagkanta mo ha? Promise? At sa pag treat sa amin ng napaka husay na pagkakagawa ng halo-halo. You don’t know how much it means to me. Thankyou.

Architect Albert Reponcion

To Albert Reponcion – A thankyou for cheering me all the way. At sa pagbubuhat ng tubig ko para gumaan yung bag ko, sana next time mas Malaki na yung bag mo para lahat ng gamit ko mailagay ko na. Kamusta naman yung tinapay na baon mo, na muntik ng amagin pero talagang inaalok mo pa kahit sa ibang climber?

I am looking forward to the next adventure with you guys. Hugs and kisses!

Note:  You shouldn’t be friend with people who never ask how you’re doing.


You guys? Do you have your story that test your limits?