It was the first week of june, when my friends finally decided to take our first major climb in rizal together, in the form of mount Irid. It is well known as the highest mountain in the province. We were so excited, especially me. I was really hoping that I could finally write about my first major climb in my own place before taking mountains to the neighbor.  Under some circumstances and different availability in time, our road to that mountain seems so difficult to walk to, until we cancelled it after a week we planned it. Weeks have passed until it came to a point that most of us are available on upcoming holiday.


It was Sunday when we jumped to the barangay in tanay where we are supposedly be registered to, bad news suddenly came to us. We need to secure a permit at the municipality of tanay and because we have lack of information about the requirements in climbing the mountain, we ended up taking the mt. tinukan circuit or the tinucan and mt lilid.


Tanay never fails on impressing hikers. With new opened mountains, we will never run out of options, as others says, Rizal is indeed the mother of all mountains that’s why we don’t know when to finish all of it. J

The tinucan circuit( MT. Tinucan, Mt lilid and 3 unnamed minor mountains).


tinucan has an elevation of 591 MASL and a difficulty level of 3/9, while Mt. Lilid rises about 556 MASL and merits the same difficulty level.

Before we start at the initial climb, we prepared 1 liter of water each knowing and expecting that this climb would be an easy one. According to the tricycle driver that we have met, it will basically take a 1-1.5 hrs at the summit, and by starting at 8 am, we could possibly finish it by 2pm. So it was all basic to us, but little did we know that this will be the near end of our life. Haha!


Walk, walk, walk.. ofcourse it was all me who made the climb longer than the usual. I was not prepared for it. Again. Disappointing. It was already 11:30am when we reached the first peak. For us, the view from the top is not totally new to us.


After the photo ops at the summit, we then proceed our traverse to mt. lilid.



What seemed to be a chill traverse turned out to be a life to death situation for me.  It was 11:45 in the morning when we took our lunch then resumed our hike following the trail going to the river where we are planning to swim after. In just a few step down, the sun became stronger and hotter, giving us the most difficult times of our life. We have no idea about the circuit, it was all unplanned. And for the record, after our lunch we are already out of water. As in, most of us are running out of water, yung iba pang basa nalang talaga ng labi yung meron. I still cant get over of it today. I can’t imagine the times when we I couldn’t manage to see the upcoming assault.


It was not so easy to take another step upward with our mouth dry. The situation became intense but hasn’t reached the half of the trail.

We are not informed that after the easy assault going up to the mt. tinucan summit, we still have to climb for another 3 mountains before reaching the river and found out from our guide that we need to hike millions of ascend and descend. We have nothing to do, but to continue the climb without water in our bags. The normal assault became the hardest to us that time, it only proves that water is the most important thing not to forget when climbing mountains.

The seconds became minutes, minutes became hour, our only motivation on that time is the reward that’s awaits us. The coldest water in the universe are already waiting for us!

Thirsty. Tired. No hope.


That time, I avoid thinking of everything except the fact that I don’t have a choice but to finish the trail. The circuit has no turning back.

We made 3 hours to reached our destination. Our new paradise, the heaven on earth feeling when my fingers finally touch the glass of soft drinks plus the unforgettable taste of a different water on the planet.


We spent laughing and reminiscing the moments that we didn’t expect to encounter. We are almost full drinking a lot of water and soft drinks as we continue to walk along a nice view for the promised river. The river is so good and nice, it seems as a 7 feet deep. Giving us a moment of victory that we deserved after the fighting scene on the mountains.


Our experience is so hard to forget but, at the end of the day, we were happy to have safely done the tinucan circuit, having us the epic comeback to the top of the mountain! For me, this is a very unforgettable hiking experience!