After we have done the twin hike last month, we decided to take it to the next level. Our plan was to start a major climb but ended up with a trilogy.

We challenged ourselves to do a 3 peak within a day and hiked a total distance of 25km. It is consisted of Mt. Ayaas, Mt. Sipit Ulang, Mt.Oro which is all considered as a day hike on their own.

It was all well planned. I guess. After finalizing the location and all, we start to make our body ready. Me with Arch Albert start to give our morning a little exercise in our place which consist of small mountains. Days have passed Arch Jeffrey joined us as we take one of the highest place in the area. It was a very nice move to prepare our body, for me, it really helped me a lot.

We leave our place at 11pm in the evening for we thought that we could start the trek early 2 am in the morning but it was our mistake not to inquire first before we leave. Brgy. Mascap doesn’t start that early, that’s why we need to wait for hours and start it at 5am.

Mt. Ayaas

LLA: 14°45′3.38′′ N, 121°12′27.5′ 627 MASL (+570)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 3-4 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 with river trekking
Features: River trekking, scenic views, waterfalls

Mt. Ayaas is higher than the Mt. Sipit Ulang and Mt.Oro, uunahin sana naming yung Mt. Oro para it will serve as a patikim, but the guide and one of the staff said that we must take the highest first para hindi kami mahirapan when the sun take the day. Mount Ayaas is distinctive by its grass land slope, and a river trekking. Unlike other mountains in the area, Ayaas is more of grass land but not surrounded by trees for us to protect from the sunlight. Good thing that we took it first, grabe ang init talaga! It was a long walk, buti nalang my body really in a good condition. Although napapagod din, nauubusan din ng hangin when it comes on the sloping area plus the heat of the sun, compared to our last hike in hapunang banoi and Pamitinan, I can say that my body have improvements. Preparation is the key talaga.

We reached our first peak at around 7:45 in the morning from 5am. Yes, pasok naman kami sa standard time to reach it, but we took it a little longer kasi before, when they opened the mountain, its original jump off was at the brgy.wawa, pero may mga issue ata between the two brgy. So it became brgy. Mascap, and I think mas malayo sya sa ilalim ng mountain so we really take a long walk before we start the real trek going up to the mountain.

The summit is a opened grass land, pero hindi mo na masyado iindahin yung araw, kasi the wind is definitely strong, it has a 360 degree view with the sierra madre on the background and have an introduction of the several mountains that you can take in that area like Mt.Binacayan, Mt.Pamitinan etc. It was a perfect place to eat our breakfast that we prepared before heading to Rodriguez, Rizal.

Mt. Sipit Ulang

Major jumpoff: Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal
LLA: 14°45′20.7′′ N, 121°10′38.2′ 252 MASL (+210m)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3.5 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty 3/9 (Paniki Trail), Trail class 1-4 with limestone scrambling
Features: Limestone formations, scenic views of Wawa

Well, basically, we didn’t take the original trail when you plan to do it in day hike in its own, instead we took the other way which was said that it is easier than the rocky part on the other way. Going up Mt. Ayaas and heading down took us more of our energy with the heat of the sun.

The challenge about having 3 peaks is that, you will be having the other mountain by starting all over from its feet. And will took all your energy. Before we took our time for photo ops, we ate our lunch first.

The summit highlights the view of the three rocky mountains of wawa and a huge rock formation which formed like a crab’s claw.

We are all too tired and don’t know if we are going to continue to the third peak which is the Mt. Oro, our other option is to go straight to Payaran falls. But you know, we stick to the plan. Although it is very hard to decide, sabi naming yun naman talaga yung balak namin, yung tatlong peak dapat. After all it is the only reason naman why we choose the place, to try and to take higher level in mountain climbing. As I said before, we need to get back to brgy.hall in Mascap and start another trek to Mt.Oro.



Hayyy… Can’t explain the feeling, basta ang alam ko pareparehas lang kaming pagod. The sun is very eager to make us feel him. Kaya naman effort talaga yung araw, masyadong ginalingan sa pagpapainit. We rest for a bit in brgy. And took a sip of a cold drinks. Mahirap magsimula ulit lalo na kapag nakaupo kana. hehe

Mt.Oro shared the features of Mt. Ayaas that they both have a grass sloping land. It is noticeable of its open area and not shaded one. It was easy for a beginner if you will take it in dayhike of its own. But this time mas mahirap, kasi mas mainit, imagine it is already 2:30pm when we leave the brgy.kaya tirik talaga yung araw. I didn’t expect that kaya hindi din ako nakapagprepare. I didn’t bring any arm sleeve kaya yung mga grass na almost tall as I am eh talagang kumakaskas sa balat ko.

Heat makes us in a hard time to climb. Nkakatuyo talaga. We always took a rest after sloping area. Nagpapahinga and nagpapahangin.

But to summarized, it was all worh it.

Its summit is really like Mt.Ayaas and have the same view and feeling but it is one for the books.

Side trip to Payaran Falls

Payaran falls is a common side trip in Mascap area, We had a great time kahit na common features lang ito, it still gives us relaxation after the long journey. Cold water is still good after all.

We didn’t notice that it is already late, we started our descent at late 6pm and started to get dark in the trail going back to the brgy. Proper. Because it is to dark to trek, we took a tricycle back to the brgy., and it so exciting. Heehe. Ang gagaling ng mga driver that they manage to pass to the rocky part of the area with big stone on it. Masaya lang kahit pagod na.

It is a great and memorable adventure, so if your heart says you want to try it, please consider doing so. But always, always, always be safe. Try to google on the internet some beginner friendly mountains, one step at a time lang. Try lang muna.