Pictures and videos of mountains are all over the internet nowadays. Hiking gain popularity not only for young people but at all ages too. Seeing the pictures and through reading blogs makes me wonder and wanting to try this outdoor activity. I have never done anything like this before but as I said before in my previous post, I really wanted to try anything (even dangerous one), and going to my very own first mountain to climb is a good idea to welcome the year 2017.

Desperately, my friends and i decided to climb  Mt. Daraitan located in Tanay, Rizal as we welcome the month of January on the second day of it. Why mt. daraitan? Nothing, it is just because majority of us are residing in Angono, Rizal and from here, Tanay is just an hour. Before we finalized the location, I did some research and saw someone posted some details and mobile number of one of their guide so I just texted him, good thing he kindly responded in my messages-needing it? You can contact kuya juanson at 09353129588.


If you are an adventurous person and get thrill in dangerous terrains, then you should definitely try this mountain. Setting out on an extremely adventure is not something you should be taken lightly, giving yourself a rest and preparing your body and mind will help you to survive the mother nature’s more unpredictable moments. Try to get some 30 minutes exercise 3 times a week before your first hike. Sa mga beginner, kung ang katawan nyo at ang katawan ko ay may resemblance maybe you should take an exercise and some physical activities to make your body be ready for this kasi honestly sobrang nahirapan talaga ako hahaha!


Nakakhiya man pero every 15 min I had to sit for a second to rest, pushing myself to the limit to the peak of the mountain is an experience that is exhilarating.

I remember the thoughts I had when I really wanted to quit time to time. Thinking that this kind of activity is not for me knowing that we can surely see beautiful nature without struggling like this, having question every step of the way if it is the fun that many people used to talk about. And this is not fun anymore, my hips, arms, legs and every part of my body is in pain and I am already catching my breath.

Thanks to kuya Arthur(guide) that every time na magrereklamo ako lagi nyang sinasabi na “konti nalang po may mkikita na tayong maganda sa banda doon” and never akong nadisappoint sa mga views na sinasabi nya.

Somewhere in the trail you will definitely go back to life and feel refresh when you meet the water of life (hahaha!, un ung tawag ko sa falls na madadaanan mo, it really gives my life back). From the water falls of life, doon na ulit bumalik ung sigla ko at bumalik ung excitement ko na ipagpatuloy ang pagakyat although hinihingal parin ako at times especially when you encounter pointed rocks on the steeper ascend plus assault along the mud.

Trekking become more unbearable for me, 15 minutes of climbing with sharp edges limestone seems to take to forever. I was a little bit disappointed every time kuya Arthur were reminding us that we are really close to the peak but doesn’t look that way haha!


Questions were answered when finally we are able to get on the top, the view, and the scenery. I can’t describe the feeling that I felt but doesn’t mean that it was the prettiest view I have ever seen in my whole life (madaming magagandang lugar at view kahit saan ka magpunta-God creation are very beautiful in many ways). The feeling is different when you bear the pain for you to attain something. It is exactly the best example of denial and reward- struggling in trail as the denial and the feeling of satisfaction when you have done something like this as a reward. It is really something that I never thought that would make my soul very happy.


After the picture taking and buwis buhay pose to the peak for facebook and Instagram post (syempre hindi mawawala yon) we decided to continue and start to the traverse in tinipak river where rock formation and limestone will be seen. We didn’t take the route that we take at first, instead we passed by different routes to avoid collision to other hikers going up. 30 minutes of going down seems easy but that is just a conclusion that I regret early on. Going down to that mountain is not easy as going down to stair, narrow area between large rocks are like a hell with your knees that might suddenly surrender along the way. Energy is not the problem anymore but your knee that is already shaking. We never had a chance to take pictures because we might fall down the trail. The only thing that we can do to prevent falling and sliding is to walk down while sitting (guides called it as UPS which means Upo para Safe and GPS as Gapang para Safe). I couldn’t recall how I have done that but to describe it at best is that muntik nko maging baldado, haha OA pero un talaga ung pakiramdam ko that time. There was a time na talagang nanginginig na yung tuhod ko at hindi ko na kayang imove yung legs ko so what I did is just to sit on the rock and make my two hands do the work and let it carry my body just to finish it.

Tinipak river was spectacular but because of my legs that are not yet recover by the nightmare, I decided not to swim in the river. Once I have set myself and sit to rest, my body doesn’t want to move anymore but I manage to walk and climb a 90 degree rock climbing to take pictures of rock formation of tinipak river. The flow of water became music that makes us want to dance in the river. Hoping that the water will help my body to recover from pain, we decided to take our body a dip for a minute and finding that really effective giving us a little relieve..

This experience is not the one to keep for ourselves. It is worth sharing to those people who wanted to try. Please do not think that how I struggle at my first climb will also happened to you. I was aware that having no exercise and physical activity is the one who made my body like this so I suggest to please take it seriously. In the end of the day even if i wasn’t able to walk on the other day and is worth it. What really matter is that I have already discovered one thing that surely I will try again finding a little bit of heaven above earth.

I just crossed out one at my bucket list, but doesn’t mean that I will never do it again, actually we were planning a twin hike this weekend. Haha! Hindi pa talaga ako nadala diba, talagang naghahanap ako ng ikakasakit ng katawan ko. i was hoping that more of us will do one of our list before the month ends, and start to plan our next activity for the month of February. Any plan? I wanted to go to tagaytay and wanting some good food somewhere with its beautiful ambience. Hope that I could do it and I will let you know some places to visit there. Thank you for reading!