Puerto Galera is a town in the island of Mindoro. It is well known for its amazing view of the blue sea, diving site and white beaches. It feature the inland forest trail which will lead the tourist in the Talipanan falls.

It was my boyfriend’s birthday when we decided to go to the beach and a reason that led us to look for a new place for a  quick getaway. Our work,especially his is very hectic. since it is his especial day, i let him choose where to go and what resort. it was a week before when he decided and picked the Puerto Galera in metro deal.

El Canonero Diving Beach Resort.

Exactly 2am in the morning when we took the bus at the Jam terminal in cubao and paid 180 pesos from the Bus terminal to Batangas Port. From Batangas we took the Father and Son Boat for about 230 pesos knowing that we need to land on the Muelle (not knowing that we took a wrong boat). It was a long story, but to make it short, we contact and texted the wrong person from a different resort that is why we arrived at the different place.

Note: Please make sure that everything is clear with the resort personnel before going to your resort. Call them, do not TEXT them.

From Muelle, we ride a 200 pesos tricycle trip to the El Canonero Resort and finally! it was all worth it.


It was both our first time in Puerto Galera and we never set our foot on it ever, i couldn’t imagine that we could go and travel places like this with him. Honestly, going back 3 years ago, both of us really wanted to travel a lot, but it was not easy with our work schedule. I am an Architect, and He is a Manager which demands a lot of time from us. That’s the reason kaya nahirapan kami when we graduated in college. It was a culture shock for both of us, mahirap talagang kumita ng pera, paghihirapan mo talaga. And going to a certain places need so much time and money, kaya naman when we have spare time and a very special occasion, we really do plan for an outing or out of town para makawala from a stressful working environment. IMG_8302IMG_8429

The El Canonero Resort is a perfect getaway for those who want a quiet time to the beach. It was a chain of beaches and cliffs. All rooms have a complete amenities and consist of a king size bed and a double deck. A TV, Refrigerator, hot water and your own balcony which has the view of their garden and sea. For the tourist convenience, they have a nice place for recreational activities including a kiddie pool and a 7.5 feet pool for those who wants to train themselves before diving to the beach. The resort has their own restaurant which serves seafoods, pizza and Italian dish.



Unlike other resort in Puerto Galera, some of them have a party time at the evening till the sun rises. But it is not a problem, because from the resort, you could go to White Beach Resort kung saan gising lahat ng tao kapag gabi by a long walk. From our place, you could hear a little noise coming from the party.

We spent our first day swimming in the front beach and try snorkling around the area. Good thing about the place is that there is one carinderia at the back which is really good and not expensive rather eating on the pricey Luca Resto beside the resort.



The Resort is owned by a foreigner but most of their employee are Filipino. They are nice and friendly, they will let you use the pool any time. On our second day, we choose to trek to forest trail going to Talipanan Falls. If you are a group, i thinks there is no need for you to get a guide. The trail is obvious and there is a lot of tourist that you can see in the trail. But for the two of us, we get a young guide, it was also a help for them para kumita sila in a small way.


We passed by the Mangyan Village which you can see the good Architecture of their houses. It has a tropical feeling talaga with the silong below the flooring of their houses and it is made of mostly wood and sawali. The Mangyans are very polite, they greet every tourist with their “magandang umaga po” with a smile.




I can’t say any negative things about those people and the Resort itself. Overall, there is no reason not to go back to that resort.

Everything was just perfect as it can be. I think, it’s really not the journey nor the destination but the company you are with that complements every trip.

This trip already completed the month of April but i just wish that all of us can get our private time. Again, Happy Birthday!


So, what is your plan this Holy week? Whatever it is, let us give time remembering the suffering of Jesus just for all of us. Be reminded that whatever it is that we have right now, it is all because He loves us all and gave every blessing that we have right now.

Till the next trip!