Do you remember when you were a kid and some people are asking you what kind of job do you like when you get old? And your answer?

When I was young, I really like to be a doctor, just because they look cool in their uniform. But it turns out that I just don’t stick with it until I graduated high school. It was just hard for me in choosing what career path I will be taking. Architecture does not exist in my heart, and since I have a little bit artistic side, so i took it.

I fell in love with the idea of creating and imagining a structure that first made inside my mind. It was not difficult of learning how to love Architecture until I finished the course. Year after, I took up Board exam and passed. So many hurdles but in the end, I finished the path and will start a new life in a form of a job.

But my first job don’t last long even if im already in a design firm that I really want. I am longing for something that I don’t know. I felt like I was looking for something that will give me happiness. That time, I asked myself what is going on and my answer is, maybe I need friends inside the office, and this place is not for it.

Second job. I got hired and it took me 10 months to realize that I was not happy about what I am doing. My career is nothing. I am just an employee who do what my boss wants. I am a robot.

This feeling retains on me until i got hired on my third job.

It was almost perfect, I love what I am doing. My career path took me to another level. Big projects, Big clients. Big salary. Time freedom. Exposed to what my career should be in. But I have the same feeling as before.

I don’t know if my process of finding the right job is the same as you. The road to my dream job seems so rocky and muddy. Even this day, the definition of dream job for me is blurred.

In the past 2 years, little by little, I started to fix and pick the pieces on how to define your very own dream job. Here are some advice that I hope you could use in your own advantage.

On this first step, let yourself be selfish in finding your own self and list down anything that will make you happy inside the office or working environment that you think that you will be taking. Think of the things that will definitely give your soul happiness. For example, you want a job that gives you a time freedom in doing extra things on your life. In this, you will give yourself a clue on how you will spend the whole week dealing with your job plus your personal life.

Second, Do not go for a job you don’t like or an environment you are not happy with. I tell you honestly: At the end, what you will have and it’s more worthy than “Experience”, is “Happy memories”. Strick boss is everywhere and no one can avoid that, but if you already find a happy place like home and comfortable place in the form of your officemates, you are lucky!

Third. Don’t accept a salary you are not comfortable with. Expect it to be permanent. You should be paid fairly, thick twice before accepting low offer or you’ll end up working on cheap. Ask someone who work same job as you. Your family will suffer in the end, and it is not good if you quit your job because of money and a thirst of having an increase salary.

Fourth. Look for a job that will definitely give you a calm Sunday. Well, Saturday off is better plus your Sunday. Who does not want a 2 days off for a weekend right? But in some industries, it demands working on a Saturday even on a half day. For example, a construction industries, banks, hospital etc. Saturday is a plus, what I really wanted to tell is, Sunday is the only time you can give to yourself and your family, do not let anyone ruin it in a single phone call from your boss and scold you for what you have done in the whole week. What will happened to your Sunday can affect your whole week ahead.

Fifth. Find a place where someone, even only one person!, find a place where “thank” you, and” sorry” exist. It is really relieving when someone knows how to say thank you and acknowledge your work. Appreciation on someone’s work is the best! Overtime work is the best if your boss and office mates will appreciates it. It is not a problem right? Problem inside the office is given. It is a nice move if someone can say sorry after a hard day.


What I have learned is that, sometimes, our dream is already in front of us. We just ignore it because we really not appreciates what is already in our hands. Not all job are perfect, nothing is perfect ika nga. Knows your priority, yung mga bagay na mas mahala sayo. It will define what kind of place you will need to attain things that you want. If salary is the main thing, accept that there is something you will give up in attaining it, like time. If you want a time freedom, there is certain that you will give up also something to get it. The conclusion is that, you cannot quit to your job just because you can’t do what you want, it is a matter of prioritizing something.

If you put your heart to whatever you do on purpose, your body will definitely do the rest.

And the best way to appreciate the work you have right now is to imagine yourself without it. And that is the reason why i have fear that someday things will change. I already fell in love with the people around me, and imagining working without them really gives me a hard time.

Where i am right now is not the place that i have imagine. It is not perfect, but there are lots of things that i am thankful. Having good friend and a job that give you an opportunity to grow is the best place for me. Nothing less, nothing more. Sometimes, only love for something can sustain all things in this cruel life (cruel talaga??). haha!


I conclude that our dream job does not exist, we must create it. And by the way, every body’s job is to get out of the job!. Good luck to all of us.