As we take this year, I know that everyone of us are having a hard time dealing with every painful and difficult things in this life. Time past by quickly and the fifth month for this year is coming and who knows, pag gising natin, June na!

Masyadong mabilis ang panahon at ang mga araw, pero ang mga goal natin that we set before this year begun are yet so far from us. Good thing that God always gives us way and reminders on how we could settle things in our lives.

God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to Him.

– Peter 5:7 CEV

Nobody can love you the way God loves you because He is Agape (Highest form of love) and all the love in the world emanates from Him. Nobody can help you as much as God can do because He is powerful and all the powers are in His Hands.

Nobody can save you as the Lord and Savior can do whatever situations you are in. Nobody knows more how to win against all odds in this world except Him. So, give to God all of your concerns in life, all your burden that weigh you down. You know what, He can carry all your worries while he carries you at the same time to sustain you and comfort you. He is our God, our loving Father.

– Daily Reflection for 04.30.17


Let us always remember to be thankful everyday for the good things that we continue to see in life instead of counting the bad things and problems in our life. Godbless!