Adonai Love Notes for the day of March 12, 2017 is from the book of Proverbs, Chapter 19 Verse 20.

“Let you ear be open to suggestion and take teaching, so that at the end you may be wise”

It is clear that this is a Biblical advise. As we start this week, let us open our ears and lend it to those people who care for us. Open our hearts into all negative and positive words that may come from others. Don’t let our pride be a hurdle and burden to ourselves. Sometimes it is good to hear a feedback from other people who always see you from a far, it can be good or bad, but be wise in choosing what to hear and what is not.


Beloved, be of open mind and heart for the counsel of your parents, good friends, covenant partners, Ministers and Church Elders. Learn also from the events that are happening around you. Learn from the experience of others. They will teach you valuable life’s lessons. Most of all, hear the counsel of the Lord through his Gospel. It will give you wisdom, show you the way to a victorious life, brings you near Him, makes you happy and fulfilled. A wise man is concern of His future, and the future of a learned disciple is to be with God in Heaven. – Daily Reflection for 03.12.17



Blessed Sunday! Always be Thankful whatever it is that you are going through. Do not take only good things from others.