In this year, I hope that all of us will be able to do things that are listed in our bucket list, that in a way may lead us to new challenges and add spice in our lives. I know that there are some people like me na parang may mga gustong gawin sa buhay nila but they have no idea what it is. There are some na alam naman nila what they really want but don’t know how and where to begin with. Ung iba naghahanap ng kasama, someone who can do things with them, ung iba naman thay wanted to try things na sila lang magisa, lonely but free ika nga.

Before I begin, I wanted you too all know that having and starting a blog is really my no. 1 in my list this year, hindi man ako magaling magsulat I think that its kinda makes my soul happy – ang pagsusulat, so eto na nga gumawa na ako ng blog so I can start this year ng masaya at satisfied in a small way. And I hope na most of us, they already started to plan for the whole year.

My advice this year is that let’s start being positive and productive and do the things that we though we couldn’t do while enjoying things that we love to do. For me yon kasi yung pinakamahirap, yung magsimula kang gawin yung mga bagay na you don’t usually do or hindi sanay ang tao na Makita kang ginagawa mo iyon.

Iam afraid that I may not find the right and good words to express all my ideas that I wanted to share, sanay kasi ako na ginuguhit lahat ng ideas ko and then shared it. Hmm let me first use the layout and format of my planner for this year 2017. Planner and journal layout usually comes depending on the type of person of the user, kumbaga yung personality mo ang magdidikta sayo kung anong planner ang bagay sayo that would meet your lifestyle.

I highly recommend this “This Journal will actually CHANGE someone’s life 2017”.

What I like about this is that every beginning of the month there’s a page where you can put your goals but in a different and unique layout asking you your monthly goal. For me it is very helpful na they will remind you to take down your goals and target kasi talagang mapapaisip ka ng mga bagay na you wanted to do, and there is a certain pages that have ideas and suggestion ng ibat-ibang activities na you can add to your list. Like what I said before merong mga tao na kagaya ko na sometimes we really don’t know what to do or wala tayong idea sa mga activities na we might find interesting and enjoyable, so very helpful ito lalo na that it will motivate you to do that within 30 days or within the month.

At the end of the week may weekly intake check, where you will be ask to list down the healthy and junk food that you ate within the whole week, top 3 that makes you feel grateful ( I love this idea that they will make you think 3 positive things kasi yung iba they don’t have a chance na isipin yung mga magagandang bagay na nangyari sakanila kaya naman what they always see is yung mga negative lang).

Addition to this, they provided (for me a very funny but effective-personalized voucher or gift certificate that you can give to someone as a gift) a gift certificate hehe funny but i think i can use it in some ways.

Is it a need to have a journal or planner for us to start whatever it is? Of course not! It is just a little help and instrument para mas organize ang mga bagay-bagay lalo na sa mga taong sanay at mas komportable na mag take down ng mga mahahalagang plano or event sa buhay nila. And to summarize it all, if ever na journal and planner is not your thing, we can all find something na makakatulong sa atin to start what we wanted and love to do. I hope that it can help you to start, like what  it did in my 2016, it is my first time na gumamit ng planner and sobrang nakatulong talaga ito, kaya this year bumili ulit ako 🙂

Oh wait! If somebody out there na gustong itry ang the change journal, it will help both yourself and others. Why? Proceeds of the sale of this planner goes toward the education initiatives of Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc.

So you? Have you already planned your first activity this year? Me, yes. Trying my first mountain to hike this year yay! And I will be having a post of that soon! Hope ikaw din!

20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines .Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sail. EXPLORE.DREAM.DISCOVER. –Mark Twain.