Hi guys! So maybe to those people who already visited my blog have no idea what this blog is all about, or I say, why this blog is existing-what is the purpose of the women behind this. Let me introduce myself first.

I’m Arch. Czarinah Pauline Lastra, yes I am a 24 years old and wanting to write and start a blog for some reason. First, hindi ko alam kung bakit pero one time nakapag open ako ng isang blog ng hindi sinasadya and find myself smiling to every story she had, so after that lagi na ako nagbabasa ng mga blog ng kahit sino. Sabi ko “okay pala yung nailalabas mo yung gusto mong ikwento kahit sa mga taong hindi ka kakilala kaysa maghanap ka ng kaybigan mo na sawa na sa mga kwento mo”.

Last 2016, I started to be more serious about life, finding mine a boring one. I took up the Architecture Licensure Examination and passed the same year. After all, madami padin akong gustong gawin sa buhay, madaming gustong itry kasi tumatanda na ako baka hindi ko mamalayan na wala palang sense ung kabataan ko. Kaya ngayon I wanted to try new things and explore every beautiful things in life kaya lang nahirapan ako magumpisa. Hindi ko alam kung san magsisimula, and since reading someone’s blog gives me the idea on how to start, I think it’s a good idea na ishare ko din kung paano ako magsisimula this year at maishare nadin kung ano-ano ang mga bagay na maittry ko starting now.

Before the Board Exam

Denial. I will call this first blog post as a DENIAL as the start up for this, I started my blog with a Denial and Reward title which has an explanation in architecture as the “process of revealing the target the second time from a different angle or with an interesting new detail”. I wanted to put that into my life and share it with you and that may give us positive outlook in life. Denial and reward gives the concept of life having trouble at first, or having a feeling of lostness, but in a way that it will also gives our journey a more interesting one while diverting it in a more rewarding success. One of the simple example in architecture is the stair or a small room before the bigger room, kasi nga to emphasized a special area of a structure they just put smaller area first, parang bibigyan ka muna ng little disappointment or minsan hindi mo alam kung nasan lugar ka and then pagpasok mo ng pinto BOOM! Surprise! May naghihintay palang surprise sa loob, it is bigger and rewarding giving us the feeling of satisfaction.


From that concept let our hearts and mind think that whatever it is that gives us pain and disappointment in life, always remember that God will lead us all in a very rewarding place. So while we are walking in this life let us all enjoy the walk and start to do what we love, kasi kahit anung gawin natin yang mga problema is laging andyan yan nakasunod sa atin so it is better to walk with enjoyment and do all the things that would makes our heart and soul happy. Let me share new things that I will try starting this year and be with me in this journey finding the Reward that awaits me. My target – try new things na never kong naisip gawin, explore hidden gems in some places, eat good foods etc. I will try to post every bit of it so maybe it will give you more ideas to try! Thankyou for reading and I hope you will find my blog a very useful one.